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Simulator change log

02-28-17 College Park and Denver virtual reACT houses go online.
03-01-17 Heat transfer model in wallGeom.exWallHeatXfer() was improved to include thermal conduction through external-wall windows.
03-17-17 Minor format and content changes to SD2017PVmodules.xml.
04-03-17 Major updates to the structure of the PV module and related classes contained in A new module was created to contain reACT and LEAFHouse design elements. was modified to accept the changes.
05-03-17 The first phase of virtual LEAFHouse went on line.
05-26-17 Major update to the directory structure of the software project to facilitate future expansion; virtual/actual LEAFHouse power production comparison goes online.
07-05-17 Added Schlick's approximation to solarIrradiance.projectIrrad to model sunrise/set conditions; LEAFHouse Neurio power consumption readings and plotting added; new hvac class.
07-14-17 Simplified ERV thermal/electrical power and infiltration models added to hvac class.
07-16-17 Floor/environment heat transfer added to both reACT and LEAFHouse; updated LEAFHouse external dimensions.
07-19-17 Modifications to irradDay.project() accounting for shading of direct irradiance ED by trees and other objects after sunrise/before sunset.
07-26-17 Courtyard energy and house CO2 balances added.
08-11-17 Improved infiltration model; Greenwall CO2 consumption model element added.
08-15-17 Removal of a number of coding redundancies including the elimination of, incorporating the current existing virtual reACT and LEAFHouse information as an alternative constructor function in the predictDay class.
08-23-17 Numerical instability resolved by computing Greencourt air temperature based on a quasi-steady state assumption using a finite-difference Newton procedure. All sustainability metrics are in place.

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